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Jack Taylor

Dr. Jack Taylor has been in ministry as a pastor and missionary for over 35 years. Two of his four novels have been finalists in the Word Guild awards. He is currently the lead pastor of Faith Fellowship Baptist Church -a multi-cultural church of 50 nations-in Vancouver.

Singing Pigs
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Singing Pigs

Have you ever spent a lot of time, effort and resources working on something that turned out to be a waste of time? Charles Swindoll says he has a friend who has a plaque on...

February 13, 2019
Who is Unreachable?
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Who is Unreachable?

Our church motto is to make disciples for Christ from all nations. The word ‘nations’ actually refers to ethnic groups even if we don’t have flags to represent them all. The sign outside our church...

February 09, 2019
A MAZE 'ing religions -God ,divine being,Sovereign-all religions make exclusive claims and do not believe the same things
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A MAZE ING religions

It doesn’t take long to be in Canada before you realize that most Canadians honestly believe that if religion is a valid option in this tolerant society than all religions are equally valid. It is...

April 18, 2018
praying for those who needed some specific care from the Good Shepherd
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We prayed

Well we did it. We celebrated Resurrection Day. We affirmed that Jesus is alive in this universe, in this world he made, in this country he rules, in this church he leads, and in us...

April 11, 2018