Jan 2018
Working It All Out

Why do you get out of bed in the morning? If you work, or have worked in the past, why spend your energy and time putting out effort to accomplish anything? Who is going to remember what you did day after day, week after week, year after year? What a way to get depressed at the start of a year – Wondering if there is any purpose to what I do. All of us want to accomplish something. Sometimes we’re successful and sometimes we aren’t. But what does our effort matter? Won’t......

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Jan 2018
What if You’re Not Alone

Have you ever been certain that you were alone until you heard that noise in the darkness? Was it a creak from the house, a footstep in the hallway, a mouse in the wall? Sometimes we live our life as if we’re alone. We go through dark struggles and feel alone; we engage and break relationships as if it is only us; we drive our cars and walk the streets as if we are alone; we eat, we watch and we pray as if we are on our own. We even sit......

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Jan 2018
Is there room for doubt in our faith?

Have you tried to share your faith lately with an unbeliever? What was that like? Did you know how to respond to the questions you were being asked, the doubts that were being expressed, the pushback you were being given? Peter, Jesus’ lead disciple, had this to say in I Peter 3:15, 16. “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a......

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Jan 2018
Helping or Hurting?

Can you imagine going to a doctor and getting a diagnosis which says you have an infection when in reality you have a brain tumour? One of the families we helped with some grocery gift cards recently faced this experience. How do you help someone who can’t get enough to eat because they have serious physical set backs (the family also has an autistic son, a three year old daughter and other complications which keeps the mom from being able to work much)? Poverty is a complicated reality because every story of......

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Jan 2018
He sets the lonely in families

Have you ever experienced loneliness – Deep, heart-throttling dread which squeezes all the joy, hope and sense of being loved out of you? Or perhaps, just a sense of wondering whether you belong – if anyone notices you or cares about you more than the ‘like’ you can give to their smiley ‘post.’ The Vancouver Foundation report this past year concluded that the loneliest people in Vancouver are aged 18-34. The generation that populates Facebook and Skype – who multiply friendships on-line – they are lonely. The claim from this group is......

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Jan 2018
Vision Beyond Your Resources

Have you ever dreamed a dream that was so big you knew it could never happen? – but it didn’t stop you from hoping. When the leadership at Faith Fellowship decided in 1996 that they wanted this church to reflect our community more they agreed that we should become more culturally diverse. Our small vision team in 2002 dreamed of starting a daycare, refugee houses and other significant ministries which would help us reflect the “every tribe, tongue and nation” image of Revelation 5 and 7. We decided that we “want to......

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