Jan 2018
Is That Someone Watching You?

Do you ever feel that someone is watching you? As if your life is being lived out on a grand stage and there’s an audience taking note of your every move? It’s a new year but you’ve probably had this feeling before if you’ve had it. If you haven’t had this feeling maybe you should think about reality. I’m not talking about the security cameras which are in every bank, mall, store, church and street corner – or so it seems. I’m not talking about some stalker or parent or preacher or......

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Jan 2018
Does your life need a trellis?

If you’ve ever seen grapes or roses or vines growing you might have noticed the importance of a trellis. A trellis is the support structure which enables the vine to grow up enough to bear fruit. This structure keeps it from slumping on the ground where its fruit will be ruined. Ken Shigematsu, in his book ‘God in My Everything’, states that having a spiritual trellis for our lives “supports our friendship with Christ so that we bear the fruit of his character and are able to offer his nourishing life to......

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Jan 2018
To pray or not to pray

Thursday was set aside for 12 hours of prayer with different leaders hosting each hour. During an hour hosted by our intern Yosef he played a song with a short clip of a John Piper sermon. The message declared that no pain that we have ever experienced is without purpose or meaning. God is working in us deliberately an eternal weight of glory. That thought requires deep meditation. A friend of mine is a pastor at a church which has a prayer meeting every night of the week with Friday as a......

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Jan 2018
Disciples of All Nations? Really ?

Someone has challenged me that they don’t think churches are making disciples anymore. In fact, they don’t think most people calling themselves Christians are really followers of Jesus. They believe there are a lot of deceived people inhabiting churches feeling secure and comfortable without reason. Real disciples, they say, are making new disciples. They are sharing their life story with others around them; they are studying the word of God as daily soul food; they are praying actively for others by name to be saved; they are engaged in meeting the needs......

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Jan 2018
Are you living the right story ?

We live in a world of stories. We love to hear stories and tell stories. Our stories fill out our sense of identity, purpose, need and hope. My son Richard was home from Rwanda a month ago and he and his sisters and I were sitting around our living room sharing stories. It got a little weepy at one point. My young granddaughter Kylie stopped at the door for a moment, left and returned with an armload of stuffed sheep. She quietly went to each person and dropped a sheep into their......

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Jan 2018
A Question !

Happy New Year. A question to start us off. Is there a parallel between the physical and spiritual climates in our country? A few days ago the warmest place in Canada at 3 degrees celsius was still colder than many other countries have ever experienced. For example, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cuba, the Philippines and Jamaica have never been that cold – ever. Does our weather drive us indoors and inside ourselves? It often impacts attendance at Sunday services. What motivates us to snuggle back in for more rest, choose alternate activities, or head out......

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