Kathryn Hausmanis

Executive Administrator

Email: jiyoung.kim0618@gmail.com

About me:
Hello everyone, I am Christine and I have been a staff member at Faith Fellowship Baptist Church since 2019 as a contemporary music ministry leader. It was a great opportunity to know this church and to have a loving church family. What I value the most about our church is that we are sharing God’s love in a multicultural and multigenerational way. Seeing all nationalities in our one church is like I am experiencing the Kingdom of God.

I grew up in a Christian family so I was naturally exposed to Christian music. I have been influenced by piano, and music has been my calling to serve in the name of the Lord. I completed my master degree in Piano Accompanying in Korea. I have lots of experience in playing with professional musicians and orchestrating small and large size choirs. In addition, I have been serving the church as an accompanist for many years.

For my contemporary band, there are many youths that are in the age of 12 to 30. We play diverse worship music including contemporary worship music, hymns and string ensembles. Our members are excited and passionate in singing, dancing, and playing instruments with faithful hearts. It is a great pleasure for us to gather and serve in this worship ministry together. We regularly meet on every Tuesday and Saturday not only to deeply immerse in the worship music but also to discipline young worship leaders. Each of us have a strong sense of ownership and responsibility to our position and we pray for each other and share our thoughts on how to become a better Christian.

I love to connect and communicate with the youth. If you are interested in becoming a worship leader or talented in a musical way, I am happy to walk you through how you can use your talents in our worship service. Come and join us.