Pastor Jeremy MacDonald

Lead Pastor


Everything changed when I left Canada as a young adult and became a participant in God’s mission of saving souls. Serving as a missionary with believers from all over the world opened my eyes to the capital “C” Church, ordinary people rallying together for the greatest cause known to humanity. Serving in places like Taiwan and South Korea was formative in cultivating a heart for multicultural church ministry.

My heart beats for the local church, God’s delivery system of hope to a dark and lonely world. Together, we are learning what it means to orient our lives around Jesus Christ, growing in love for each and our neighbours here in Vancouver. Teaching God’s Word is one of my enduring passions. The Bible is God’s personal communication to help us make sense of ourselves and the world, point us to a Saviour and instruct us in how to live a life that counts for eternity.

Together with my beautiful bride Heeju, we are raising two adventurous boys. We enjoy the outdoors, travelling and eating ethnic food.

BA in Biblical Studies and a Masters of Divinity from Briercrest College & Seminary.