Peter Park

Pastor Peter Park

Pastor and Missionary


I was born and raised in South Korea, got married, and moved to Vancouver
In 2005. Since 2002, God has been using me in pastoral ministry for 3 years in
Korea and 17 years in Canada. Serving God of the Bible and people from all
nations in Vancouver and the First Nations community in Lytton, BC, is the
greatest joy in my life. I celebrate the excellent opportunity to meet people from
all nations living in South Vancouver. I believe Jesus is the only way, the truth,
and the life of God the Father. I love seeing God’s ongoing soul-saving
ministry through my church (FFBC) and my ministry team (LFNM, regardless of background.

Currently, I live in Vancouver and recruit and equip leaders to reach out to a
couple of thousands of people living in the First Nations communities of

Working with two missional pastors of FFBC, Jack Taylor and Mark Buhler, for
ten years gave me tons of opportunities to be shaped into a contextualized
disciple-maker in Vancouver and the First Nations communities in Lytton.
When I am home, I really want to do nothing, but I am not courageous to. I
always have something to do at home since a God-given relentless
cheerleader, my wife, Jacee, is around me with eight energetic young children
at home. Two of them are our own children (Eugene and Oliva). The others
(Sam, Tony, Julie, Jocelyn, and Daniel) are international students from South
Korea. Through music which all my family members love, God fosters love
and unity. In summer, we often go on a picnic and go camping in the summer
and in the winter, we go skating and skiing. Summer is my favorite season.
Jacee can be free from the massive responsibility of looking after young
homestay kids as they visit their homes. We can pay more attention to
Eugene and Oliva and have more time with other church families. Also, I can
spend more time with friends in Lytton with more missionary workers from BC and
other places.