Jan 2020
praying radically

Have you noticed something different at the end of our last decade? You can see it in services like Door Dash and Skip the Dishes. You can see it in demands for services like Amazon and Uber. You can see it in the way food is prepared in super markets. Many people have moved from doing it yourself to do it for me. When my daughter was young she got to the place where she would say “do it self.” She was about two. Now, her two-year-old is saying “do it self.”......

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Jan 2021

As a six-year-old, I spent some evenings learning from my mother to write in Chinese. She began by deftly forming several Chinese characters at the head of a large copybook and explaining what they meant. I would then copy each of her characters multiple times in a slightly crooked vertical line below her example....

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Sep 2020

Faith’s mandate of making disciples for Christ from all nations continues to work itself out through our values of faith, multi-cultural /multi-generational community and servanthood. COVID- 19 has put these values to the test and our leadership and members are creatively engaging to move us forward into the opportunities God is setting up for us. We want to keep people safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and so FFBC will strictly adhere to the guidelines and recommendations from BC’s Provincial Health Officer. We have been praying and seeking God’s wisdom about......

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Jul 2020

by pastor Jack Why is it that churches hesitate to take to the streets to protest the eroding of their rights and freedoms? Are they unaware, unconcerned, unmotivated or unestablished enough to give their voice a platform? Romans 13:1 says “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established” but does this mean we have no voice as citizens apart from our vote? Protests have become a common way of expression. The Black Lives Matter movement has rallied thousands. The First Nation......

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Jun 2020

Dear Child of God, You’re unrepeatable. When the divine creator intentionally knit you together in your mother’s womb to be a one of a kind, unrepeatable, unique masterpiece designed to do his specific work (Psalms 139:15; Ephesians 2:10) there isn’t a human being alive who formed a better mold than you. Your family of origin, your tones and talents, your experiences and expressions, your bents and brokenness – It all helped frame you into what you needed to be for now. Hey, I know you’re not done but you’re designed right for......

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Jun 2020

Every once in a while, it is a good thing to look into the mirror and check out what is changing with the person you’re looking at? As a church, it is also good to take a look at ourselves during this time when we have time. What does it mean for us when five of our prayer pillars, givers and leaders have passed away in the past few months? What does it mean when members lose their jobs, when relationships are strained, when we can’t ‘do church’ like we used to......

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    May 2021
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