Framed by the Fraser River, the Pacific Ocean, and the North Shore mountain range, Vancouver is consistently rated among the most beautiful cities in the world. Its proximity to forest and ocean, its temperate climate, and its role as a hub for trans-Pacific travel make it a magnet for people all over the world. Vancouver is ethnically diverse, with a broad mix of cultures.

Like other major cities, Vancouver has its challenges, with homelessness and drug addiction being endemic in certain parts of the city. For all that, it is a safe city, where people from different walks of life mostly get along with each other. Churches in Vancouver, as in the rest of the western world, are challenged to present the Gospel in a new way to upcoming generations in the face of a culture that have not had an encounter with the God of the Bible.

European Canadian: 46.2%

Chinese: 27.7%

South Asian: 6%

Filipino: 6%

Community information and photos are from the city website:

Faith Fellowship Baptist Church: Situated at the corner of 49th Ave. and Elliot St. has been ministering to its surrounding communities since the early 1950s and in this location for nearly 50 years.

Faith Reaches South East Vancouver

Faith Fellowship is situated strategically in the middle of four Vancouver neighbourhoods.


Killarney lies in the southeast corner of the city on the ridge above the Fraser River. It is primarily single-family residences with a growing number of townhouses and high-rises in the stylishly new Fraserlands development on the shores of the river.

More About Killarney

“I love the extensive Champlain Heights walkway system. Greenspace extends all the way east through Central Park, west through Fraserview golf acreage and South to the Riverside trails. It’s a safe, friendly, beautiful community.” ~ Wayne and Gloria Gatley, residents for 49 years.

Killarney is well populated with parks and green spaces, reflecting its forest history. The largest is Everett Crowley Park, along Kerr Street and north of Marine Drive; this park was originally a forested area with a ravine and waterfall that was used as a landfill for many years before being closed and reclaimed to its present form.

Across Kerr is the Fraserview Golf Course, with a 4 km perimeter trail including 130 m. net elevation. Another trail runs along the Fraser River through green space stretching along the riverfront.

The music video of Canadian singer Michael Bublé`s song “Haven’t Met You Yet” was shot in Killarney Market at the corner of East 49th Avenue and Elliott Street in Killarney.

Killarney Park is the location of Killarney Secondary School.

More than half of Killarney’s adult residents have post secondary education. Killarney and David Thompson Secondary have a high graduation rate near 90% and feature a surprising variety of programs to meet the varied needs of students.

Killarney Community Centre includes a dance studio, seniors’ centre, fitness centre, ice rink, tennis courts, gym, indoor pool, games room, computer lab, playground, youth centre, and snack bar.

Faith Fellowship Baptist is located at 49th Ave. and Elliott Street. Buses run on both 49th Ave and Elliott Street making the church very easy to reach by transit.

Across the lane from the church is the Clarendon court assisted living complex and the Shannon Oaks all- inclusive Independent Living retirement home. To the east is a shopping center which includes a Starbucks, grocery store, bank, pharmacy and the office of our local MLA, George Chow.

Rosemont Drive

Cit of Vancouver Killarney Information page


Renfrew-Collingwood is mostly residential, with good access to nature in the Renfrew Ravine Park. The beautiful shady walk along the natural creek is cool and serene. A perfect break in mid-summer. Renfrew Community centre and Library and Nootka Elementary lie along the park route. Residents have easy access to services and amenities, especially along the Collingwoood – Kingsway corridor.

More About Renfrew-Collingwood

“I like living in Renfrew-Collingwood because it is close to the amenities that are important to me: stores, transit lines, local parks, Fraser River and, of course, the church.” ~ Jim O’Leary, worship leader, Succession Committee chair

Renfrew Ravine Park

Renfrew Park is central to the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood with programs for all ages and abilities. Facilities include a games room, computer lab, multi-purpose rooms, swimming pool, fitness centre, sauna, and whirlpool. The Library is right next door.

Renfrew Ravine Park

Neighbourhood history and heritage

Until settlement began in the late 19th century, the wildlife population of Renfrew/Collingwood was rife with ducks, geese, cougars and black bear. Moody Lake and three smaller beaver-built lakes dotted the area along Grandview. The Collingwood neighbourhood holds Collingwood Days in the summer. Festival events include cultural dance and music performers, tug of war, sketch in the park, Moccasin Dancers, lots of food and craft opportunities.

Windermere Secondary School

Forty different countries, 32 different languages, 5 different alternate programs, Windermere is a community school providing students with strong links and supports to last a lifetime. Students organize the school’s Climate Change Conference in the fall and the annual Earth Day Parade & Festival in April. Activists David Suzuki and Grand Chief Stewart Phillip have supported and spoken at the festival.

Vancouver Christian School serving Vancouver from the Renfrew Heights Neighbourhood


Vancouver Christian School Falaise Park, Renfrew Heights

City of Vancouver Renfrew/Collingwood information page


Victoria-Fraserview is on Vancouver’s south slope to the Fraser River, between the Knight Street Bridge and Killarney. It covers a large area of residential and commercial development. It is a multiculturally diverse area. Victoria Drive is a great destination for fresh produce, fabrics, imported goods, and international cuisine.

More About Victoria/Fraserview

“My family and I have lived in this neighbourhood for over 30 years. The length of our stay shows how we enjoy living here – its surroundings and amenities. In the south we have the Fraser River with its quiet walkway where we watch the tugboats on the river and the ducks paddling near shore . Further north, you see the majestic mountains- reminding me of where my help comes from (Psalms 121).” ~ Joy Manuel founder of New Hope Childcare

Neighbourhood history and heritage

Modern settlement began in the 1860s near the south ends of Main and Fraser Streets. At that time vast virgin forests covered the north bank of the river. More recently the Fraser Lands development is forming along the Fraser River which will be the newest Vancouver neighbourhood made up mostly of townhouses and high- rise condos. Walking trails, playing fields and river lookouts have been built along the bank.

Victoria/Fraserview has several large sports fields at Gordon Park and Oppenheimer Park and eight neighbourhood parks provide additional recreation space.

Residences on the south slope have wonderful views across the Fraser delta and all the way to Ladner.

David Thompson Secondary School is known for its greenhouse, large student population and the filming of the Twilight Saga, ‘Eclipse.’ Fraserview golf course is a mere 1.4 km away where Phys Ed students practice.

Notable Alumni include five Olympic or professional athletes, Miss Hong Kong of 2007 and the director of the U of T Citizen Lab.

David Thompson Secondary School

Avallona Homes

Avalon Dairy was the longest continuously operating dairy in BC until it moved to a new facility in Burnaby. The property is being redeveloped into a 60 unit townhouse village named Avalonna Homes, a tribute to its heritage.

City of Vancouver Victoria/Fraserview information page

Kensington/Cedar Cottage

The social and demographic mix of Kensington-Cedar cottage provides an impressive range of ethnic culture and diversity. A thriving colony of artists live and work in residential studios in the neighbourhood.

Kensington-Cedar Cottage lies is the centre of east Vancouver, with a northern vista providing stunning views of beautiful Trout Lake, downtown Vancouver and the north shore mountains. Trout Lake is a spacious urban lake surrounded by parkland, sports fields and the Community center built for the 2010 Olympics.

More About Kensington/Cedar Cottage

“What I enjoy about Kensington-Cedar Cottage is the easy access to downtown via Skytrain or Kingsway Ave. It’s also close to Highway #1 (but not too close.) With a number of community gardens (official or not) in the area we enjoy walking the neighbourhood, seeing how well (or poorly, most times but not always) our garden is doing compared to others. We’re always happy to stop and talk with would be friends to share and learn gardening tips and tricks.” – Keith MacMurchy, former Board member

Fraserview Public Library

Trout Lake Community Centre

Kensington-Cedar Cottage is north-west of Faith Fellowship Baptist, stretching from high land along 41st Avenue down to the area of Trout Lake, the jewel in the crown of the neighbourhood.

When Trout Lake froze in December 2022, it became the winter sports centre of the community. Residents flocked to the lake to play hockey, cross-country ski on the trails or just walk on the frozen lake surface. In the early years of the last century, young people set up skate rentals and food and drink kiosks for visitors.

Trout Lake

These days, a weekend farm and craft market opens on Saturdays from May through October attracting sizable crowds reminiscent of ‘the olden days.’

Cedar Cottage, a bustling little village in its day, lay outside Vancouver’s boundary. On Saturday nights, the Salvation Army band played and stores and banks remained open until 9 p.m. People shopped, dined went to the movies or the roller coaster.

Gladstone Secondary School has a student population of 950 and is known for its successful sports teams and success in engineering competitions, especially robotics. It offers Advanced Placement in English, Calculus and Chemistry. It has two mini-schools, one for humanities and one for Math/Science.

The TV shows Supernatural and Jumpstreet have used Gladstone as a shooting location.

Gladstone Secondary School

Kensington Community Centre

City of Vancouver Kensington/Cedar Cottage information page


Although not part of Vancouver, Burnaby abuts the East boundary of Faith’s neighbourhood. Its shining jewel is Central Park. The land was purchased in 1891 by David Oppenheimer, Vancouver’s mayor, as a gift for his wife, Julia Walters, a New Yorker homesick for the Central Park of New York City. Facilities include:

An Outdoor pool, Picnic Areas, Tennis, Pitch and Putt, Variety children’s playground with spray park, Perimeter trail, Fitness circuit and Swangard Stadium for many years, the Vancouver Whitecaps home field.

The 49 bus which stops at Faith goes directly past the park and on to the the largest shopping centre in BC, Metrotown.

Simon Fraser University, BCIT, Electronic Arts Sports and many other high tech companies are situated in Burnaby.


“I love Burnaby. It has beautiful urban forests, parks and trails, lots of wildlife: herons and barred owls. Many libraries and art centres. The city seeks community input on a wide variety of issues and has focused on creating ‘urban neighbourhoods’ so residents can walk and bike to most amenities. Burnaby is more suburban than Vancouver, but benefits from its attractions, extensive transit network and highway access.” ~ Celina Gatley, Faith staff member and resident of Burnaby since childhood.

Central Park is a tall-tree forested wonder in the middle of Greater Vancouver. Squirrels, coyotes, herons, geese, ducks all roam its grounds and seem perfectly comfortable with the hundreds of human visitors they see every day, walking the trails, playing tennis or pitch and putt, playing in the playgrounds or just sitting on the benches by the two ponds watching the birds, fish and turtles.

Variety Park Playground

Children enjoy playing in the upgraded Variety Park playground that’s fun and challenging for kids of all ages. It’s near the picnic area next to Swangard Stadium. There’s another playground off Boundary Rd, near the outdoor pool.

Burnaby Village is a faithful re-creation of a 1920s tram-stop community. Each building is decorated with period-appropriate accessories to entertain and educate young and old alike, including Wagner ‘s Blacksmith shop, Way Sang Yeun Wat Kee Chinese Herbalist and Treble Clef Phonographs.

Burnaby Village Carousel

Built in 1912, the Carousel was made by the C.W. Parker company in Kansas. They were first called “Carry-Us-Alls:” Meaning: ‘Rides meant for all ages.’

Burnaby Central Secondary School

Notable Alumni:
Whitecaps: Sam Adekube and Russel Teibert Kevin Chen: U of T Biology Professor
Michael J Fox: Back to the Future

Swangard Stadium

City of Burnaby information page