Executive Pastor – P/T
Job Description
Faith Fellowship Baptist Church is a multi-cultural / multi-generational community that exists to make
disciples of Christ from all nations. We are in South Vancouver, BC.
Engaging with Jesus, we bring truth, grace and love to all those around us.
Primary Objectives:
The Executive Pastor (EP) aims to oversee all administrative and support systems of the church. As such, he is
head of the community support team at Faith. The other teams are community growth and community
impact. The community support team includes everything from facility, financial, hospitality, governance,
office to partnerships. This means that the Executive Pastor is a part of all administrative systems for which he
is tasked to recruit, equip, unleash for service and encourage volunteers and staff. He will work with the senior
pastor in the area of staffing and budgeting.
Ministry Responsibilities:
Facility: The EP will oversee the maintenance and grounds committee and will be chair of the consortium
committee. He will ensure that all physical plant systems are repaired and maintained. He will ensure that all
bills are paid on time and that contracts are negotiated for the best value. He will work in co-ordination with
maintenance personnel from El Redentor on work days and clean up days.
Financial: The EP will oversee the recruiting of a bookkeeper, accountant and financial team in coordination
with the senior pastor and the nomination committee when that team is active. He will ensure that monthly
statements get to the board on time and that the donation and project giving is properly and efficiently
circulated to the members and adherents.
Hospitality: The EP will oversee those tasked with maintaining equipment and supplies for all events,
lunches, banquets and the regular operation of our welcoming ministries. Hospitality includes everything from
our guest services, welcoming ministries, food services, event management and the use of our facility for
weddings, funerals, showers and community engagement.
Governance: The EP is primarily responsible to ensure that board policies and practices are followed and
that necessary policies (such as harassment, abuse, safety, privacy etc are in place and adequate for our
current needs.
Office: The EP will work with the senior pastor to staff the main office with a gifted and skilled administrative
secretary who will oversee the calendar, functions and usage of the facility. The EP will also ensure that the
office and administrative needs of the staff are met and that clear communication is flowing to whomever
needs to know it in the church family.
Technology: The EP will oversee all technology and electronic equipment at Faith. He will ensure there is a
strong website functioning, a solid social media presence with consistent and current messaging, and that tech
systems used on Sundays and throughout the week are updated and functioning wherever they are needed.
Partnerships: The EP will oversee all partnerships associated with FFBC. This includes El Redentor, New
Hope Community Services, New Hope Childcare, Rise Up Tutoring and Summer Camps. The EP will represent
Faith church internally and externally during events, meetings and non-binding administrative responsibilities
in the absence of the senior pastor.
Preaching/Teaching: The EP will be an experienced preacher/ teacher and will be expected to preach at
least monthly and to facilitate a small group on a regular basis.
Characteristics, Qualifications and Experience:
 Christ-like character proven in relationships; gentle chemistry shown on a ministry team; enduring
commitment shown in consistent ministry fulfillment and follow-through; clear competence
demonstrated in both secular and Christian workplaces.
 A heart for God demonstrated by an authentic, personal, reproducible walk with God evidenced in a
balanced life, a hunger for the Scriptures, and prayer.
 A master’s degree in theology or Christian studies and experience leading a team
 A commitment to our statement of faith, to our mission, vision and values, and to our DNA of multiculturalism – the successful candidate must be willing to be a member in good standing of FFBC.
 Experience as a preacher / teacher in a multi-cultural church setting – with positive affirmation on his
teaching / preaching gifts.
 Clear understanding of Faith’s milieu, partnerships, community, organizational modeling and
governance structure.
 Willingness to work in a team environment under the senior pastor with monthly reports going to the
FFBC board of governors.
 Self-motivated worker with sufficiently developed administrative skills in the areas of planning, budget
management, accountability, and communication.
 Eager to lead the lost to Jesus
Hours and Remuneration:
This is a 20 hour per week position with a remuneration of $22,000 (April – Dec 2022) and recalculated on a
January to December contract. Candidates will have to make their own housing arrangements.
Working Relationships and Evaluation:
The EP will be part of the full staff team with a direct report to the Senior Pastor and a monthly written report
to the board of governors. Evaluation will be on a quarterly basis with a one year evaluation at the summary of
the contract. Renewal of, or changes to, the contract will be considered in October before the annual budget
is calculated and submitted to the members.
Application process:
Submit your resume and cover letter to pastorjtaylor@gmail.com Include three reference letters from those
who can vouch for your ability to do this job – include contact info. Short-listed candidates will be contacted