We have some new protocols in place to ensure the safety of all our youths and fellow brothers and sisters who use our church building. All youths must wear a mask, wash their hands with soap and water upon entry, help sanitize chairs/tables after use.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change, and the Covid situation could impact our youth program. All youth events start at 7pm unless noted otherwise. We generally end around 9-9:30pm (depending on clean-up) unless otherwise noted again To stay up to date on all the youth events, follow us on Instagram @fby_vancouver. When possible, youths should RSVP through Instagram, or send Jacki a text message.

This year, we have revamped our youth program to accommodate more young children in our community. Our youth group regularly welcomes youths in grade 7 to grade 12. Young college students are welcome to join and learn to be a junior leader. However, each month, there will be 1-2 Friday’s where younger children (grade 5 and 6) can join us for the evening. Please go to events calendar for those event dates.