Small Groups

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A Quick Review

People grow best when they are connected in healthy small groups. We were never intended to live life alone, but we were created for relationships.

We are a community who follows Jesus. We would love you to come and be amongst us.

Faith groups are regular gatherings of several individuals that promote authenticity, community, accountability, as well as mutual support, compassion and caring. Interested in connecting with a Faith group? Pastor Peter ( can help.  

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Small Groups are made of 4-5 couples or 8-10 individuals who gather to study Word of God and discuss the issues and challenges of life that we all face.

It is also where we pray and care for one another and where you are missed when you are not there.

Small Groups come in all shapes and sizes – married couples, singles, men’s, women’s, children, no children, workplace, young adult .

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Life change can

happen here

Through our faith groups we :

  • Encourage Shared Testimonies
  • Cultivate Relationships
  • Promote Participation
  • Provide Care
  • Identify Future Leaders
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We know it can be difficult to take the next step from a large group environment like our weekend worship experience to a smaller setting. That’s why we would like to offer a few suggestions to help.


1) Register for our Men’s or Women’s ministry. Click either of these links to begin the process.
Women’s Ministry and Men’s Ministry

2) Volunteering is a great way to meet people who are already plugged into a small group.
Please Contact the church office for Volunteering opportunities.

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[distance][subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”QUICK FIND”][distance][iconbox type=”1″ icon_title=”BECOME A MEMBER” iconbox_content=”The Bible presumes believers are connected in good fellowship in a specific community of faith (Acts 2:47, Acts 5:13). Pastors and members are given responsibility ” icon_link_text=”READ MORE” icon_link_url=”#” icon_name=”none”][distance type=”3″][iconbox type=”1″ icon_title=”GET BAPTIZED” iconbox_content=”Believer’s baptism is a visible re-enactment of an invisible reality where an individual, who is committing themselves to follow Jesus, identifies with him in his death, burial and resurrection by being fully immersed in water. ” icon_link_text=”READ MORE” icon_link_url=”#” icon_name=”none”][distance type=”3″][iconbox type=”1″ icon_title=”ESSENTIAL CLASSES” iconbox_content=”Baptism and Membership Classes will be offered as announced or as requested. This is usually offered on a Sunday afternoon between 3 – 5 pm but other times can be requested.” icon_link_text=”READ MORE” icon_link_url=”#” icon_name=”none”][distance type=”3″][iconbox type=”1″ icon_title=”VOLUNTEER” iconbox_content=”We encourage each person wishing to volunteer to first attend our services and events to build relationship and sense of comfort with who we are as a family” icon_link_text=”READ MORE” icon_link_url=”” icon_name=”none”][distance type=”3″][iconbox type=”1″ icon_title=”NEED PRAYER” iconbox_content=”Please send any prayer requests to the Church office through email or a prayer form or the phone where they will be forwarded to the appropriate prayer groups. ” icon_link_text=”Click here to submit request” icon_link_url=”” icon_name=”none”][distance type=”3″]