Faith Summer Camps

Adventure Awaits! 3-Weeks of Fun


Week 1 July 22-26 – What is the Bible?

The first topic of Summer Camps 2024 will ask, “What is the Bible?”. The day’s events will include activities and fun which allow your child to explore the bible in a fun and expressive way. 

1 PM to 4:30 PM

Week 2 – July 29 – Aug 2 – The Fruit of the Spirit

Week 2 allows youth to discover the Fruit of The Spirit by exploring how the fruit of the Spirit is present in the New Testament. Join us for the lesson and hands-on activities for each age group!

1PM to 4:30 PM

Week 3 – Aug 5-9  God’s Love for Us (open on BC Day)

The week 3 lesson dives into the promise of God’s love for us. Opportunities to build and strengthen friendships through activities and fun are emphasized. Don’t miss this fun time!

1 PM – 4:30 PM

Camp Fees!

Camp Fees: $75/1 week, $140/2 weeks, $180/3 weeks

Sibling Discount: If you have more than one child registered – $5 off for the 2nd child, $10 off for the 3rd child and the 4th or more children are free
Referral Discount: $10 off to both families (families may only receive one referral discount per child
Camp fees are not refundable.

What Group Is Your Camper?

  • Grades 1-2
  • Grades 3-4
  • Grade 5-6

Looking for Staff & Volunteers!

  • 4-weeks training and 3-weeks of fun!
  • Are you experienced with youth ministries or want to learn alongside other inspired children ministry leaders?
  • Do you like having fun while getting hands-on training in youth camps?
  • Do you have gifts to share like crafting, organizing activities, leading young people, engaging children, and games?
  • 10 open positions for Administrative Assistants, Youth Development Coordinators, and Youth Workers to join our Summer Camps Staff!
  • 10 open positions for Volunteers as our support staff!
  • We are accepting resumes now!

Hiring Summer Camps Staff Now!

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Do you love Jesus and want to gain experience with youth leadership and ministry? Are you looking for a fulfilling and meaningful summer Job?

We are accepting resumes for staff positions (15-30 years) now!


Summer Camps Volunteers

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Do you love Jesus and want to gain experience with youth leadership and ministry but don’t know where to start? Are you excited to take part in Summer Camps?

We are accepting resumes for volunteer positions (12+) now!


What Treasure Will You Find?

This year’s theme is finding hidden truths that help us understand the story of salvation. Through games, teamwork, friendship, and activities we will discover the treasures of His Kingdom together. Join us on this fun adventure!

We start every day with the Lord

Faith Summer Camps equip your youth to understand the bible, create opportunities to make new friendships, and strengthen current ones. It encourages each camper to learn more about God and themselves through fun activities and games.

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