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A few years back, during the war that ravaged my country, I was, a number of times, confronted with death, found myself a target of blood thirsty assassins, who decimated entire populations, neighborhoods and communities, cornered in situations where escaping was not an available option.

More than once, God provided me with an escape route, guided and protected me throughout my subsequent flight off the country to numerous countries of refuge, and enabled me to live to tell the story and testify today. Prayers and supplications, an unshakable faith in the power of my living God to protect and ensure me a future, helped me through these horrific ordeals. Today, I have found a family in faith baptist church community and fellowship, and praise my God for all the grace He has bestowed, all the blessings He has poured on me.

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I have newly moved to Canada with my spouse and it’s a thrilling experience to begin from the scratch.It was that time God has planted us at Faith Fellowship Baptist Church since January 2017 -within 3 weeks of arrival in Vancouver .The church pastors and members are very caring, encouraging ,supportive , connective and it was like Home away from home.I love the small group gatherings and Sunday Luncheons at Faith , All Glory and Praise be to God for this journey.

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I hear His voice all the time. I feel His presence even more. Be glory to God and His name. I believe that God has great goals for each one of us to glorify His name. It’s always better to trust the Lord with faith and humility than anyone else or anything else. It’s always better to surrender ourselves to God than to anyone else or to anything else. It’s always better to live in joy from God and to be grateful to him than to do anything else. May His kingdom and His righteousness rule our lives!