Christmas Party 2018 for All International Students /Young Adults

This is our first ever  Christmas Day party at Faith ! A 50 plus  Nations -Multi cultural Church in your neighborhood

if you’ve got no plans or feeling bored at home ,The More The Merrier .Please  join us for Christmas party at 12 noon.

It’s a potluck party (if you’re able to contribute).We will play board games  and have a great time together.

We truly welcome all  International Students/Young Adults to be part of it  .A gift exchange of $5 will be appreciated.

See you guys on Christmas day !

Fellowship and Turkey Stew Dinner

This is a public gathering on Christmas eve , Everyone is welcome. Bring your friends and join us for this wonderful fellowship meal.
Serving Dinner from 4.30 PM to 5.30 PM.

No RSVP necessary, the Turkeys and Halal foods are cooked .

See you there !